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Product Care

All of our campfire ironwork is made from self-coloured natural steel, and will arrive with a light coating of oil.
When in use, the steel will blacken in the fire from the smoke and cooking fats and give the items a protective coating.  
The more you use your campfire cookware, the more seasoned it will become.
It is not recommended to clean the items with soapy water as this can remove the protective coating from the seasoning and make the ironwork prone to rust. To clean the grills it is best to use a wire brush. Other pieces of ironwork can be rubbed down with a food safe oil, basic vegetable will work fine, making sure any excess is removed once finished. 
If any rust does appear, rub down with a wire brush, wipe with a coat of oil and place over the fire. This will soon blacken the ironwork again.  
If you have any questions with regards to your products please get in contact.
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