2in1 Campfire Cooking Tripod

Product image 12in1 campfire cooking tripod being used over an open fire.
Product image 22in1 campfire cooking tripod being used as a hanging bar.
Product image 32in1 campfire cooking tripod set up
Product image 4Close up of 2in1 campfire cooking tripod
Product image 5Folded 2in1 campfire cooking tripod.

Regular price £34.00

Our best seller and where our campfire cookware all started. The 2in1 campfire cooking tripod can either be used as a standard tripod or two legs can be driven into the ground and the third placed as a hanging bar. This gives great cooking flexibility allowing you to cook multiple items at once.

Supplied with the three legs and one set of hooks and chain. Extra hooks and chains, as well as the grill can be purchased separately. 

Click here for the hanging grill.

Click here for extra hooks and chain.

A great way to cook outdoors over a campfire, this cooking tripod is popular with everyone from campers to people enjoying bushcraft activities or just cooking on the beach.

Dimensions: Each leg is 120cm long.
Weight: 3kg
Material: 10mm Solid round mild steel.

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